"...inspiration is a compelling force from within."  -  Jerry  Saltz


Born and raised in Pennsylvania I have always loved making things. Macramé, cross stitch, origami, cookies, and loved the "can you draw this character" challenge in the magazines.  If it was nice out , I would be in the backyard with my uncle learning how to paint. I couldn't get enough.


I continued on my quest in high school and took every art class possible. I loved to draw. Saturdays were spent in the city at the museum or art classes. Math was also my thing. I thought corporate law would be fun, but drawing won out and I decided to go to art school.  It was there I realized art is not just in museums but in daily life. Different types of people, food, music and architecture continuously surrounded me.


I moved to New York City for work and continued to study classical figurative drawing and painting. With a strong set of traditional techniques in my "art box"  I decided to also study under some great contemporary painters.  I was extremely fortunate to have such diversity and experience in New York.  My foundation was in place.


After 25 years in the Big Apple I was ready to take on the challenge of being a fine artist. I moved to the coast.


It is here that  I have added to my figurative work by rediscovering my surroundings with my  "Town, Country and Beach" series.  Exploring the landscapes and people, finding the different nuances of each, pushing different mediums. I like to express what I see before me.  Sometimes it's the colors,  sometimes I see lines and shapes,  other times it's an object that might be interesting to me. My work is always  grounded in having an element of human experience. I love to create and everyday I am lucky to be able to make art.























Selected Works at:







Shows and Collections:

West Elm, Red Bank, NJ 6/2017 , 10/2017

Featured Artist, Liquid Alchemy Beverages, Wilmington DE

Ventnor City Hall, Ventnor, NJ

25th Annual Gallery Walk, West Chester, PA

Sellersville Museum, Sellersville, PA

Mainline First Friday, Ardmore, PA

Mills Pond House Gallery, " Threads of Tradition",St. James, NY

1110 Gallery, Group Show, Brooklyn, NY

NIKE Commercial, Prop Art, New York, NY

Art in General, "Object Sexuality" New York, NY

Carlos Michans, Netherlands

Anthony C. Schmidt Fine Art Inc.



Rhode Island School of Design, BFA

School of Visual  Art, New York

New York Academy of Art, Graduate School of Figurative Art